yukichan66 (yukichan66) wrote in _ongaku,

Aww Happy Aniversary!
woohoo! anywaysss I have the top 25 in my libary! That's a lot of uploading. X__X

And you probably have seen a lot of them already on here, but I love them so much they are worthy of it again!

This is hard, i had to take out all my English songs.

MY TOP 25!!

1)Utada-The Workout
2)Epik High- Fly
3)M-flo <3's Bennie K- Taste Your Stuff (Happy Drive mix)
4)Utada Hikaru- Tokyo Nights
5)Silly Fools- Namninglaylook
6)BoA- Dakishimeru
7)D'espairsray- Oborno no Tsuki
8)Kaggra- Ouka Ranman
9)Koda Kumi - Imasugu Hoshii
10)Okuda Miwado- Futari
11)Utada Hikaru - Be My Last
12)Nami Tamaki- Future Step
13)Orange Range- Chest
14)Malice Mizer- Illuminati
15)Coco- Evil Spirit Looking Glass
16)Bonnie Pink- 5 More Minutes
17)Epik High- ??? I don't know the translation to this song. X_X sorry.
18)Hitomi Shimatani- Falco
19)Hyori ft Eric- Anymotion
20)Miyavi- Night in Girl
21)T.M. Revolution- Invoke
22)Teriyaki Boyz- Konya wa Baggy Pants
23)Namie Amuro- No
24)Nobue Uematsu- Sudeki De Na
25)M-flo <3's Emyli- Loop in My Heart

Hope you guys like it!
Tags: misc: uploader's picks, uploader: yukichan66
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