yukichan66 (yukichan66) wrote in _ongaku,

Tags: artist: dir en grey, artist: miyavi, artist: the trax, artist: utada hikaru, uploader: yukichan66

  • Why am I listening to Juanes?

    yeah we're just going to pretend i've been here the whole time. haha yeah school is really ridiclous lately, cause i'm getting this huge schedule…

  • (no subject)

    hey you guysss what's up? umm i'm browsing through my library and like i found a bunch of stuff i've never really listened to before, and i'm giving…

  • (no subject)

    Edit! i fixed the bonnie pink link! ahah sorrryyyy PINK LINK. helloo! i am leaving for san diego for a couple days tomorrow, so i figured i would…

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