January 19th, 2006

  • rush225

Technical Support XD

It seems that many people had troubles getting the files from "theupload" links so, after trying it myself I've discovered the problem....(pictures included!!!)

  1. Open the Tools Menu and click on internet options ( picture )
  2. you will now see a menu that has a bunch of tabs on top ( picture )
  3. go to the privacy tab. You would probably see something like this ( picture )
  4. change it to this ( picture )
  5. press apply and...DONE

~Hope this helped many people who had troubles, if this method did not work for you, message in the comments section in the future updates and it will be YSI'ed.~

*yea i know the pictures suck haha save em somewhere and kinda zoom in..but it kinda generally shows whats what in it*

**DO NOT accept zango, you dont need it to get the files**