July 16th, 2005

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Heyyyyyyy.... T_T You guys! My computer crashed! -gasp!- But luckly, I saved a lot of my songs to discs, and whatnot, but I still lost a lot of stuff. -_-;; So if you could help me.. out? By sending me the songs I have posted up here? OMFG I would love you. My email is yuki_chan66@yahoo.com Sorry, about this.... but if you do, i'll um.. draw you a picture or something! yay! ok, on to the rotation! [sorry about that O_o] We have had requests for Crystal Kay songs! and Ayumi Hamasaki ayu-mix something x_X Luckily, I have both! yayayayayay! and man, it took me like 5 tries to get this up here.. .live journal doesn't like me....

Ayumi Hamasaki-Evolution

I'm trying to remember, if this is the one with piano, or the re techno-ed one...-_-;; Ok! Techno! I love Ayumi, in this mix, because, I love techno! YAY! ahahahah I have been stopped in random places, because people are like "What are you listening to?" and I go "Ayumi Hamasaki!" :D and they have no idea what i'm talking about. x_X; Anyway, All these Ayu songs are great! So download them!

Trauma-Ayumi Hamasaki WOWWWWW!!! EEIIIIYYYEEEEE!! I love this song. x_X sorry. Hahahah This song is fun to dance in the dark too. ... except then you bump into stuff and you hurt yourself. -_- Not that I have done that. It's got a super catchy happy beat ... and.. well, it's off Ayumi's mix ablum. Of course it rocks. Jesus.

M-Ayumi Hamasaki This is probably one of my favorite songs on here. I have no idea why it's just called "M" but.... O_O whatever. It rocks. [xD I apologize for my crappy reviews......... I'm kinda tired x_X but you still love me right?] ahah yes, so you will just have download it, to see how great it is. ^_^

NEVER EVER- Ayumi Hamasaki I like the people at the very beginning of the song going 'oohhhh!' ahahahaha cause I'm random like that. Yes, it's Ayumi, it's techno, it's awesome, and you want it.

Boys_Girls-Ayumi Hamasaki This has a kinda.. old feeling to it, just because of the beat when she starts singing. And yet again, there are a bunch of people that scream a random word.. and this time it's "YEAH!" XD

Ayu: OK.. You guys, in this song, what's a random english word you can yell to make it sound cool?

Group: um... Hey?

Ayu: ...I already used that...

Group: OHH?!

Ayu: I used that tooo! DAmn! What do I do!?

Random Japanese man: HEY! We will yell HEY!!!

Ayu: What about "Hey!" Yeah! that's it!

Japanese man: -_-;; I just said that!

Ayu: Don't agrue with me cretin! I'm Ayumi Hamasaki!

Boyfriend pt. 2-Crystal Kay This song is really pretty! I love Crystal Kay's voice.... There is a part one, but I don't think it's as good as this one. But if you guys like it, i can upload it later! This song is kinda slow, but very nice. O_o So do it.

Bye My Darling! -Crystal Kay O_O There is ENGLISH! YES YOU HEARD ME! ENGLISH! I guess Crystal Kay is.. japanese? and Black? I have no idea.. but her father is american i guess, so she speaks perfect english! I like how the hip hop artist manage to incorporate little bits of english into their rap/thing. And I really don't like hip hop... but I like Crystal Kay. So yes, If you don't like this type of music, just try it. You know you want it!

REEEWIND-Crystal Kay -M-flo OMFG. -_- this is what made me really not like M-flo. XD In a good way. Wait! Just because he is soooo funny. I SWEAR. It starts off, with them like, live, and he's like 'you know what i'm saying?!' and i'm like x_X no. hahahah he thinks he's gangster. -dies- But Crystal Kay is very pretty. I dunno, usually when M-flo is in a song, I hate M-flo, but I love the other person. -_- So me and my friend made a reference, that this is M-flo's marketing scam! He's pairs up with someone awesome, so they buy the CD for them, and he still makes money! YOU SEE?! But I have to admit. the M-flo single below me? It's pretty good. So try that to...