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getting home from work one day-

Home from work my minds adrift
clutching keys and memories
I cluck my heels on stepping stones
towards a door that only has two screws holding the top hinge
but only I knew that...
the sound of a distant helicopter grows mysteriously louder
Once bitten twice shy i've been stung before
So when i heard that dreadful buzz
I ran without even verifying my fear
even with a periphial glance...
Froze by Roses I chanced a peek behind me
YAAAHHHH! a flying buzz-saw shadow caresses my cheek
and I run sideways
faster than a professional football player
across my front porch,
tripping over garden hose(who left that there?)
grabbing onto wind chimes and then crashing
into a pile of left over garage sale rummage.
The pain of hitting my head on that old microwave
was the only thing in the whole world
that stopped my panic in it's tracks.
Pain had taken the place of fear so I called out to my stalker
"Come and get me you stupid bug, I know i am doomed".
Only to find that bugs of this kind
only come out in June...

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