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His hands trembled uncontrollably, as he focused as hard as he could. Slowly as the first flakes drifted down, he poured the whiskey, precious lifeblood cautiously, but invariably the shaking was too extreme and some landed on the asphalt. Cursing, he downed the shot as fast as he could, with the ease of true drinkers. He enjoyed the burn, tasting the truth of the day with Tennessee’s poorest. Anything but this reality. He couldn’t take another lucid moment. Downing his third shot of the day, he rolled up his newspaper bed and moved on to the sidewalk to panhandle.


Shivering through the cold, Jim arrived at the party dressed to kill, with truth the furthest thing from his mind. Until he noticed the girl being groped in the corner was his girlfriend. The liquid burning his eyes made him stumble, as he hunted for the vodka bottle. One lucid moment, he thought.

One taste of reality, he wished with all his might, as he inverted the vodka bottle above his mouth. Careening out into the yard, he passed out in a puddle of puke on a pad of putting green soft grass.


What a drag, she thought, taking a stiff pull on her cigarette. The ember at the tip glowed with a gentle power as she bent over a limp form in the yard. What kind of asshole gets this wasted? She kicked him delicately in the mouth, watching the red pool amongst the brown. Taking another pull, she flicked the butt onto his back and turned back to the party with the taste of truth in her mouth.


The colors seemed to flow from within and without of everything. The chemicals in her bloodstream left her breathless, examining the scenery with a fascination unfathomable. The white winter overrunning the dull brown of slow death found her blood enchantingly warm. The ultra-realness of it all gripped her, as her shivers brought her to her knees. She could feel her heart racing as the snow reached up to embrace her. A bad hit of ecstasy?

Her final thoughts were replaced by surprise, as her body found that particularly spot of yard already occupied.


Jim woke with his wish all around him.

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