November 2nd, 2006

To the Mod

Hey, I was just curious, seeing as how entries here have been far and few between and this community is all but practically defunct if you (the moderator) or if anyone else would object to my throwing out the line of the week?

I don't mean to offend or anything but seeing as how this community had a pretty decent run a while back and seeing as how I was recently laid off I have a crap load of time on my hands to try and sustain it. So I'll throw out a line right now and we can let it run until November 5th. If there are any objections from the moderator or anyone else then, whatever that's cool too. Just figured it would be nice to allow some people an outlet or two.

So here's a line I just ripped from Thomas De Quincey I ran across in one of his books. I figured it's open and ambiguous enough for everyone to play with to start. Ready? Steady?

I never was better in all my life.
(November 2 - November 5)