July 12th, 2006


Only To Find

Lately I've been drifting down river, only to find the current is getting a little stronger and the water slightly deeper. Floating in the canoe staring up at the stars. Watching time drift by like the trees on shore. Occasionally a dragonfly lands and says "hello". It grabs my attention for a few moments but nothing more than flys off into its own world. The stronger current drags me into a new channel, away from the leisure that I had become accustomed to. A new expierence, something exciting. I sit up in the canoe to see where I'm being lead to. The tree line thickens abscuring my line of sight. I grab the paddle sit back and brace for whats to come, steering around logs and trees jutting out of the water. Not always gracefully, but leaving me with a feeling that I'm on the right track for the first time in a long time. I catch a glimpse of myself in the reflection of the water, only to find that I'm smiling.