December 1st, 2005


by the light of the moon.

illuminated by the light of the moon
a slight shiver ascends the aching spine of a mad woman
aglow with the silvery light of forgotten hours
she raises her arms to the sky
as if making an offering to the heavens & whatever deities that await her in the afterlife
upon the earth before her burns a great funeral pyre
awaiting its sacrifice of this, their child of divine darkness
ever the faithful servant to her master & his wicked bidding...
she calls out into the night sky invocations & chants of great praise
as she sets her words adrift in the sky,
she lets her words burn images into the impressionable minds of the weak masses
she steps forward into the flames without a word
only to be violently consumed by the hungering embers
molten fires consume flesh angrily as her body blackens & turns to ash
the essence of what was once a beautiful woman,
deemed mad by the world around her,
now only remains as a fine silt set adrift to the four corners of the earth.

November 29, '05
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