one winged angels

... there's still hope

the lost
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"We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing each other."
-Luciano de Crescenzo

Without both wings, an angel is useless. A freak. He is fallen from grace not because he has done anything wrong, not becuase he didn't do something, but becuase of a defect that he had no power over. He is stuck somewhere he doesn't belong, and really has no hope of ever returning, but he can dream.

We are the one winged. We are damned -- damned, however, by no fault of our own; damned by design. We long for flight -- to feel the sun on our faces, but we shall never get the chance.
Not alone, anyway.

This community is a place for people to come to and discuss really whatever is on their minds.
Nothing is taboo here, but since this is primarily something of an outreach/support community for people with various issues, hate will not be tolerated.

I do ask that, to prevent stagnation, that when you join that you make an introductory post telling us a little about yourself. Whatever you feel relevant and/or comfortable with is fine. Thanks.

This is not a fan community. If you came here thinking this community was in anyway associated with or centred about Final Fantasy, Square, Sephiroth, or anything else video game-y, sorry to disappoint.

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