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Hey guys, I would really love some help from everybody here.   It will only take two seconds, I promise.

I'm playing a game on livejournal where I am in the top three and I really want to win because I've worked so hard on it so far.

The only way I can win this round and make it to the final two is if I get enough people to fill out the poll and click my name (halo_of_thorns).

It would help me out alot and I would adore you.

Please, Please, Please.

The poll is here:

(this is cross-posted so I apologise if anybody happens to be in two of the same rating communities as me)

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Name: Rebecca Robin Rowan
Birthday: 9-9-72
Location: Iowa
Gender: F
Religious affiliation: None or all, depending on how you look at it
Hobbies: Stamping, scrapping, bike riding, walking, reading, racing cars for the Sports Car Club of America, car shows, horseback riding, writing (working on new book - ask me about it!)

How about some of your Favorite...

Movies: Star Wars, Ice Age I and II, Monty Python, O, Brother Where Art thou?,
Books: P.J. Parrish, Young adult lit, anything that really happened, true crime, foriegn languages, how to books)
Bands: The Who, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen - We Shall Overcome, The Seeger Sessions, Oldies
Food:Japanese, chinese, greek, seafood and steaks with grilled veggies
TV shows: CSI (all three), Bones, House, Ghost hunters (TAPS), Anything out of the ordinary
Place: San Diego, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Chicago, Athens (Missouri, Dubuque)

What is your...

Best quality: Ability to bounce back from any sort of blow, be it to the ego, to the body or to the mind
Worst quality: Forgettfulness
Favorite memory: Being 11 with parents that still loved each other
One thing you wish you could change about yourself: Stop blaming myself
About the world: We have lost the capacity to care about each other.

What are your opinions on...

Abortion: Pro
Gay Marriage: Pro
Religion in public schools: con
War (not just Iraq): con
Eating Disorders: meh my little sis has one and I can only help her to get better
Self Mutilation: meh see above
Underage drinking/smoking: meh As long as it is in an adult monitored situation, kids are better off.
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Stamped Member / Promotion

Season One of ljgames_au was a HUGE HIT!

Now it is time for Season Two, so if you missed out on the first season then now is your time to make sure that you don't miss out again.

I can't give away too much information without giving away all my secrets and surprises. But ljgames_au is an interactive online game where a certain amount of players will compete for victory until only one player remains, the winner.

Check out the last season if you want a better idea.

Note: You do not have to be Australian to play, International players are more than welcome (they have played before), the game is only based in Australia
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Stamped / Question

I'm not trying to step on any toes here, just trying to help an applicant out.

The application under this post has been up for a long time but hasn't been accepted or rejected by anybody yet.
They asked in a comment in their application if there were rejected or not, but I thought I would post it in here just incase nobody noticed it in the comment section.

Thank you.
Love Rena