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A Mary-Kate and Ashley Fan Community

you know you love them!

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Welcome to _olsenfan, a Mary-Kate and Ashley community. Please feel free to join and post your opinions, interviews, pictures, icons, or anything else Olsen twin related. This community is maintained by steph0 and marioparty, so if you have any questions plese do not hesitate to ask them. All posts that feature icons, pictures, interviews, etc. will be placed in our memories so if you are looking for something particular please check there.


1) Please stay friendly and have respect for other members. <
If you are going to post any pictures, icons, spoilers to films, etc., we ask that you put it behind an lj-cut.

2)If you don't like Mary-Kate and Ashley, please do not discuss it here.

3)The only communities that can be advertised in this community are those that relate to the Olsen Twins. No rating communites.

Violation of the above rules could possibly get you banned, so please follow them! We don't like to be mean.


Like to be one? Contact us.


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more banners coming soon.