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"there's one thing we all share, we're all mutants, but we just don't care."
danny elfman - oingo boingo
So the LA Times is running an online poll for who was the best homegrown band, and Boingo is one of the choices. Right now they are about midway in the polls, so give them a boost! Let's see how high in the ranks they can get. :D


On the number chart that showcases the bands (in no particular order BTW), they are number 36 in case you were wondering.
1982 interview:

1983 interview (12/31/83):

Stay Grin
Did anyone else order one? They had to delay the shipping of the boxes, so they sent everyone who ordered the collector's edition a bonus disc signed by Danny Elfman. Here's mine:
01.01.11(no subject)
Night Cat
and the world has turned around again...
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