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1) name:zac
2) birthday:feb.3,1989
3) location:reppin pensacola fl.
4) race:cockasian
5) sexual pref:bois
6) post more than three pictures:

rawkin the french track jacket.

7) turn ons:sex with argyle sox on.
8) turn offs:loozers who try way too hard to be scene by using"lyk3 woah".and these things:<3
9) top bands:chicks on speed
miss kittin
blood brothers
frou frou
10) top movies:party monster,nowhere,how to deal,igby goes down,i shot andy warhol.
11) top books:disco bloodbath,comic books.
12) sport a bandana:no
13) wear tight pants/shirts:yes duh.
14) sXe:nope
15) preform in shows, or just dance:neither.i just stand in the back and look cool.
16) closest object on the right:cocaine.
17) your thoughts on:
sXe:i have alot of friends who are,i totally respect it but i could never be sxe.its inspiring tho.really....it is.
president bush:could i really fit my whole opinion about bush in this app.?
elections:see above.
the scene:i love the hair,the clothes,the music.everything but the personalities of the people who are part of it just make me sick.to a degree.
18) why do you think we should let you join:because.....you need promoting.plus,i have rad hair.
19) who && where did you hear bout this community from:nowhere,i was just browsin around.
20) promote us (show link):_eurotrashlove
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