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How hot is your ass?

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_ohlovemyass is, yes, yet another rating community. We rate you on your ass, looks, personality AND intelligence. If you're hot, but you seem stupid, we won't accept you.
So why a community for asses? Because asses are hot. And hey, what the hell, why not. If you have a nice ass, like to take pictures, and like to vote, apply here.
This community is CO-ED as well. Guys feel free to post your fine ass. I'm sure us ladies wouldn't get tired of the eye candy.


x You must be at LEAST 14 years old.
x NO PORN. Absolutely none. You may take pictures that are flashy, but if any of us mods think it's too explicit, you will be warned. And if you do it again, you will be automatically BANNED. The fellow members should learn by this what is and what is not appropriate.
x No bitching at the mods. We have the right to overrule anyone at any time. In that case, no bitching at any of the accepted members if you are not one.
x Also, if you are a member, and disagree with what someone says, don't continue the drama. Take it outside of the community or you will be warned. If it continues, you will be banned. We don't want to hear you bitch.
x If you're going to promote, put it behind an lj-cut with the word "Promotion" somewhere in the title/lj-cut link.
x Girls may vote for girls as well as guys, and guys may vote for guys as well as girls. But we understand if you feel uncomfortable judging someone of the same sex. We won't discourage you.


x You must apply within the first two days of you joining. If you don't, you will be deleted.
x When you apply, be sure to put everything behind an lj-cut. If you don't know how to do an lj-cut, check the FAQ.
x You can post in your application ONLY until you are accepted.
x No deleting your application. Doing so will be an automatic banned.
x Hint- correct grammar helps you with your application. And doesn't make you look like an idiot. Just an FYI.
x Put Let me slap your ass in the subject bar so we know you read the rules.
x Be sure to make your answers stand out, meaning you put the question or answers in bold or italics.
x And please, no fucking perverts.






List 10 bands you currently have been listening to:

List 5 movies you could watch over and over again:

List 3 tv shows you can't stop watching:

List 3 books you can't put down and why:

What would be your weapon of choice and why:

Name two obsessions you have:

List two bad habits you have:

Tell us something interesting and intelligent:

Tell us a funny/embarassing story of yourself:

**Note about these next three questions:
We know they've been overdone, and if you give an oppinion someone doesn't agree with, we'll at least give you the credit for stating your answer fully and respectfully.**

What are your feelings on abortion:

Who would you elect for president:

What are your views on religion:

If you could choose one person to live with on an island, who would it be and why:

What's one thing you absolutely hate and why:

Give us some good words of advice:

Promote us somewhere. Give the link:

How did you hear about us:

Why do you want to join:

Why do you think your ass rocks?:

What are your hot ass jeans? Who makes them and why are they "hot" to you:

Show at least 2 (more is better) pictures of your face:

Show at least 2 (more is better) pictures of your ass:








The Accepted.

(Pics + App.)
drivetothesky ahryz broken_project.. cuz we're the mods.
phayzedjaymz shesgonesurfin miseryinchaos painawaits
stormtrooper009 realityxchecked sillyfuljammerz ashbdash
broken_project dorkymanduh sataldajamahel loveislove4u
shoebox_moments bohemianbabe

The Rejected.

None.... yet.

Promo Banner.

_ohlovemyass _ohlovemyass _ohlovemyass