Kate (i_hate_2_love_u) wrote in _oh_so_lucky_,

what a loser.

poonanie 918823: ima loose whore
TornHeartsHurt88: thats cool im happy for you
TornHeartsHurt88: go suck one.
poonanie 918823: lick me
TornHeartsHurt88: no thanks
poonanie 918823: suck my clit
TornHeartsHurt88: NOooo
poonanie 918823: suck mah tittys
TornHeartsHurt88: your a loser
poonanie 918823: my puss smells rotten
TornHeartsHurt88: really thats great
poonanie 918823: like cheese
poonanie 918823: and beef
poonanie 918823: iuma stank pot pooerz
TornHeartsHurt88: thats cool
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