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lol tubgirl

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We feed on the flesh of man.... employing the poor children of the world to make for us the cotton, the fabric of our lives, to spawn our rule of the entire world, under the false shadow of the happy clothes company only rivaled by the Gap....Oh Snap!

there is no point to this community.
it's basically a community to post pointless and stupid things.


1) this community has...uh...no rules.
HOWEVER, _oh_snap_ is COMPLETELY un-pc, so if you have a problem, tough shit.


albino black sheep
loserkid's site
lord of the rings
something awful
the friend society
white ninja comics
teh onion
toothpaste for dinner

All racist, biggost, unethical, unheard-of, disruptive, flammatory, retarded, gay, dumb, and otherwise offensive material should be shared.

Unless your a faggot.

/\/\4|27`/, ^_^, aim chat rooms, air horns, albino black sheep, albinos, all that jazz, anal bum covers, assholes in general, azn, bacon, badger badger, barack obama, barack obama-cuda, barium, bazooka joe, being an asshole, being too punk, bishop mccort reprezentin', bitches, boring comments, british humor, brown bag awards, cage matches, calculator tetris, chat room harrassment, cheese (cheddar or otherwise), cheez-its, chemical explosions, chicago, choppin' broccoli, cock fights, comedy central, computers, confusing emu's with emo, cookies, cute little hats, dance magic dance, dancing nazis, david bowie, david bowie's tight pants, dockside bars?, domo'd, dragging on scalp, drama club, drive-ins, dvds, eating, eating shit, electron configuration, emo, emol337n335, emoxcore, emu, emu hair, enrichment projects, flash animations, flips in mid air, football #1, free shit, freestylin' it, fresh beats, fuck you, george takei, giving people sticks, gobs, good charolate loljk, hairy asses, haxx0ring, hubcaps, iced tea, indie, jajaja, janet jackson's tit, johnstown, josh spaid, josh's lips, jump magic jump, l337, labyrinth, leather, lighting bolts, lord of the ragu, lord of the rings, lots of food, magical marty twizzlers, marty, marty 1337|\|3ss, marty is god, mecca-pikachu, mennonite skiiers, movie theatre shinanigans, mr. leitz, mr. salem's torso, mrs. kopco, mtv2, mully's, music, musicals, n3g|205, not you, nothing interesting, oh snap!, old dudes, old men are sexay, opposing all media, peeing, peeing in puddles, photo shop, physniks, pimping, pissing you off, pissing your mom off, pointless comments, porn, pro-killing babies, pulling out your eyelashes, pure garrige, pwn stics, queen latifa, refried bean addiction, riding the snake, rocko's modern life, rush...or heart?, shinanigans in general, show tunes, sideburnz, signs, ski club, slutty fucking signs, snl, snowboarding, spike traps, stupid assholes, switching positions...woo, taco bell, teh marty, the general knights dance, the matrix, thrashing, torturing ms. marhefka, totally going so fast, transformers, updating just to update, walt brown, wearing sunglasses inside, wrastling, you ass-monkey, your not cooking?, zima wiggles