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Once there were gods great and beautiful, whose palms crushed whole villages, whose smiles ensured mortal love. They reigned over their world with words that shook the hearts of mountains, and their exploits became myths without number. From thrones (carved of clouds and bejeweled with snared lightning) they presided over a land teeming with monsters, men, and heroes. Passing eternity warring with each other and those that thought they could best a deity, they were slowly stripped of their supremacy – brick by brick – until they slid into memory.

But gods do not die, forgive, or forget. Once again they are waking up – but in bodies strange and impermanent, bodies that will die. Their powers fizzle as they toil away in mortal flesh; memories slink away to private parts of the brain. Mount Olympus only visits in the secret places of dreams. They wear the faces of boys and girls – but below the brain, below the fumbling of earthly fingers, they are so much more. It’s been so long! They may remember, finding their own faces in others likewise divine; they may slip into the mortal coil, and stray through lifetime after lifetime, never grasping what glories they once had.

And here, we begin.

Tattoo rings


Ok if this is gunna stay alive lets get to bein a community...SINCE both mods arent takin charge..I am a mod too...and i rock...

Everyone will have two days to vote on who they want to see debate..you can pick any two members and put why.
Just comment to this which two u want to see and in two days i will tell u who and what they will be debating...thanks guys
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so anyway im just beating myself with a stick!

it sucks, ya know when you see someone and your like "hey i think i could really get along with that person" and something tells you you should get to know them and you would make good friends but yet you feel to stupid to just be all like hey wanna hang out and then they just disappear and then your sad cuz you never got to know them and its like losing a friend that never was... i dunno its just weird, and its like that here on livejournal too i read some peoples journals and im like yeah i really like that guys art work he would be a cool person to talk to so i post that i like his work but i never really try to talk with him. and now he doesn't post anymore... and it makes me sad cuz i really liked looking at his art work and i never said anything

... so now again i'm just beating myself with a stick...
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/stamped. promotion whore.

So, I have a newly developed community, and, uhm... it needs help. I promoted in there, though there's not much to look at, but apply, join, and feel free to promote in it.

lastxones. Hm, wonder who thought of that. Please read rules carefully.

In other news... who here was an outcast in school? *raises hand* I was just remembering last night how when I was in grade school kids called me the bastard child cause my dad left. Kids are so fucking stupid. I wonder how many of those same people are getting divorces or slitting their throats now. Maybe fucking around. Infidelity, anyone?