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Stamped// Distraction


I have to critique an electronic media for one of my classes.
Because the library didn't have the documentaries I wanted to compare...
I'm stuck critiquing a website.

And it's really boring.

It has to be 1,500 words (roughly 5-6 pages double spaced)
I have about 500 words now.

But I want distractions.
Because I don't want to do this.

Even though it's due Tuesday.



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Stamped// Frustrated

Guess what guys, I came all the way home to see my doctor, so he could refer me to a specialist.
And guess what he did?
He took x-rays, discovered there wasn't anything seen on said x-rays (just as I had predicted)
Decided it was tendinitis and sent me on my way.

I'm so fucking frustrated because of this.
I gave up a weekend shift of work.
Spent money to come back home so you could, you know, HELP ME, like doctors should.
But he didn't.

I'm so angry, it's beyond comprehension.

No pictures, I've been laying in bed too much and looking icky.

Stamped// Update

Having crutches is a fucking bitch, not having crutches is even worse. >.<

So, life kinda sucks right now, honestly. As most of you know, my last post was a huge rant about my knee and lack of any ability to see a doctor. Well, after a painful restless night, my mom called me around 9am and told me that she talked to our insurance and they told me to go this Urgent Care in a city about 20 miles south of here. I groaned and complained because I didn't want to drive that far, but obviously I had to. I nearly killed myself because I was turning left on a green arrow and a truck ran the red light and nearly ran into me, but I could have been distracted from the throbbing pain in my knee, who knows.

Anyway, I get there, fill out paper work and all that stupid crap and sit around playing Pokemon on my DS. I wait and wait and wait until they finally call me. A nurse takes my temperature, blood pressure, weight (and I'm wearing like three layers so my weight was crazy high. ._. ) and my height. And then she takes off to wherever I need to be. I stare down the hallway completely unsure of where she disappeared to and slowly start hobbling down it, it takes me about 5 minutes for me to find her. I sit down and tell her what's going on.

So leaves and I wait some more, and then a doctor comes in. He's young and actually kind of cute, but I re-explain what's bothering me and he has me sit on the exam table and takes a look at my knee. He pokes, prods, twists, pushes, pulls and all this other shit I'd rather not of had him done, bu the end of it all, I'm practically in tears. He tells me it doesn't feel like I broke or tore any tendons or anything, but he can't really tell me what is going on.

He said x-rays would be pretty useless because whatever is wrong probably wouldn't show up on one. And then he told me to go to a specialist. But the catch is I need a referral from my doctor so my insurance will cover it. So, now my family doctor (the one that keeps telling me it's tendinitis) wants to take a look at it again. So, I'm going home today (after having to give up two shifts at work :'( ) to get him to take a look at it.

I asked the doctor about a brace or a cane or crutches or anything that could possibly help keep weight off my knee. So, he sends a lady back with some crazy brace and a set of crutches. She helps me get the brace on, and shows me how to walk with crutches. (Strangely with all the knee problems I've had I've never had crutches before) and then has me sign all this stuff about how if my insurance won't pay I'm responsible, and it scares me a little even though that this is the place I know I'm supposed to be at.. But, I hobble out to pay my co-pay and what not.

I call my mom when I get back to my car and she tells me she wants all the reports they wrote today faxed to our doctors office, so I hobble back in, ask the nurse to and hobble back out. And proceed to drive home. I did get a note for the day off, I wish I had more days off, but yeah, exams are coming up so I kinda don't want to miss more class.

So yeah, hopefully with my next update, I'll know what the fuck is up with my knee. The medicine isn't working so well anymore, and I've been so tired ever since he started me on this medicine. And, my hands and arms hurt now from the crutches. :'(

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