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Brian and I ended up eating chinese and hanging out with his two best friends. We hadn't all hung out together in years so it was nice catching up time. I was dressed as a trashy preggo lady and Brian dressed as a Baseball Fury from the movie The Warriors. I looked so ugly and my grandma actually said, "This is the best your hair and make-up has looked in a long time."

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I hung out with my mom this evening. We shopped around for baby stuff, it was way fun. I got a baby book that i've been looking for. We were looking at clothes and I put an outfit on my tummy to see if it would "fit Brooklyn" and she insisted that I let her take a picture.

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So I don't have too many fall pictures but here are a couple to get the ball rolling. It's so beautiful where I live during this time of year so I am going to try take tons of pictures and have a better post within a couple of weeks. I've been so busy moving into our temporary place and searching for somewhere more permanent. I have less about 2 months until Brooklyn gets here and i'm running around like a crazy person trying to get everything in here. Enjoy.

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Last night my clumsy ass fell while washing my hair in the shower. I hit my hip and the side of my stomach and it hurt pretty badly. We went to the emergency room because I was very concerned that I had injured Brooklyn. They hooked my tummy up to a heart monitor for 5 hours to monitor her heartbeat. I cried the entire time. It was probably the scariest thing I have ever been through. All I could think about is Brooklyn being dead and it being my fault. I'm crying right now just thinking about it. We didn't get home until nearly 2. They told me that everything was okay and just to try to stay off of my feet. So much for work. Brian only got 3 hours of sleep before he had to go to work. I hope today doesn't end up being another 12 hour work day for him. It makes me feel so guilty. I've been trying to buy airline tickets all morning for a KY visit and for some reason it keeps denying our debit card. We have had so many problems with this stupid Chase Visa. We have well over 900$ in the bank, I don't understand how it could get denied like we have no money whatsoever. I am being charged for booking fees and junk but it won't let me purchase a ticket. I have been online/on the phone for nearly three hours trying to clear this mess up. They told me the nearly 200$ in booking fees and taxes would be credited back but we couldn't purchase tickets because our debit card was being denied. How could not be denied for certain things, but be denied for others? It's so frustrating. I called Chase and because my name is not on the account I couldn't get any information from them. When we started the bank account I hadn't changed my last name yet and just decided to wait until I did. Since then I haven't really had a reason to add myself because I have my own debit card and never have any problems with transactions. While I was waiting at the hospital last night I sent Brian to Taco Bell because neither of us had eaten. The card got denied there as well! He drove a block down the street to QT (a gas station) and withdrew 20$ out of the ATM to purchase our food with. It makes no freaking sense. I have always like Chase but these past two weeks have been really stupid. All I want to do is go to Kentucky, visit with my mom and freaking rest. I thought my baby was dead and now i'm stuck in Arizona with a nearly 1000$ that I can't spend on anything because my fucking debit card is being a bitch. This is probably one of the worst couple of days I have had in a long while. I haven't felt my anxiety in a long time and I don't like it when it comes back. Every pain I have in my stomach today freaks me out because of what happened last night. I don't have any sort of appetite and today is the first day in 6 months I have thought about smoking. I obviously won't because Brooklyn is way more important than any cigarette that I could ever smoke. Help.