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have any of you boston kids seen the band With Engines?

they're my good friends who go to berklee and they play a lot around there....

just wondering since like a few of my BEST guy friends go to berklee and i just got to see With Engines play last night in hollywood and it made me so happy to see all my boys again =] 

if you guys ever see that they're playing somewhere....go support them for me!!!

still on hiatus

i'm just wondering if you guys heard about the huge train crash that happened in los angeles the other day. it happened 15-20 minutes away from where i live, so i'm pretty shook up about the whole thing. it kinda puts things into perspective. you wouldn't think that two trains would possibly be in the position to crash head on, but you never know when the engineer might accidentally miss a stop sign.

be careful out there. you guys are wonderful people. life is short.

may the 25(+?) people lost rest in peace, and the other 100+ injured recover soon.


so someone posted 2 videos of our huge spring concert on youtube!
they're only clips of some songs...but they're so cool!

search youtube for "ucsc gamelan concert"

there should be 2 videos that pop up.

one of them is the entire advanced class...in all our costumes and everything. i'm wearing green and right in the center haha so you'll see me...i'm playing a kinda boring instrument for that song..but the song is amazing. it's the one that the famous composer Nano wrote just for us. whoever filmed it was kinda retarded and floated around a lot, but it's okay.

the other one was taken from really far away so you can't really see anyone. it was from the same concert, but it was a different set of instruments. there were only like 6 of us playing in this one, and 4 of the other people were all older than like 35 years old. my friend sophia and i were the only students in it since it was a really hard piece. Nano composed this one as well. he was playing in it on this crazy stringed instrument called a kecapi, and we also had this famous indonesian flute player (the flute is called a suling) come just to play with us.

please watch them!!! they're awesome. tell me what you think =]


hey guys. my staph infection is getting pretty bad...it's in my nose so i'm having a hard time breathing through my nose..and it's also spreading. good times. so that means either i'm  going to be really inactive...or i'll be way over-active. so basically i'm either going to be always gone at the doctor/hospital and sleeping...or i'll be sitting on my ass at home all day. i hope you are all doing well. keep posting so i have something to brighten my day =]