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There is a likely chance next month Ruri will be in San Francisco!!!

I am thinking I will be around for about a week or so... I have to visit my bro, Gopher and Beryl.. well they are the 3 people I will possibly staying with...

if anyone else is in SF and wanna hang out maybe if I can let me knooooooooooowww!!
Skull Ruri

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How should I handle this situation cuties?!

I have a friend, She has been my friend for a year and a half now. I met her while I was dating my ex Bobby, She has always made it very obvious to me that she had a crush on me, To which I would tell her I felt It was a compliment, We are good friends, I tell her about my guy problems and she would tell me hers, she knows I am Bi but since I was always with guys she never gave it much thought, until about a month ago. I met a girl at a party and we hit it off really well, we we're practically huddled up to each other the whole time.. the following week the same thing happened except things went a little further we we're well.. hardcore making out the whole time we were there and kept acting like we we're a couple. I think she is attractive and she is a cool person we both know it's just fun making out and neither think much of it.

My friend got wind of this, she heard threw the grapevine.. She completely flipped out on me, Saying I didn't have permission to kiss other girls and that she felt she was ugly because I would never make out with her etc.. Up to this point she has always been a awesome friend to me and I care about her as a friend, But right now I don't know how to react to this.. I wanna be understanding and fix this.. how should I go about this?!
(I also explained she had no right to tell me who I can or can't make out with, which kinda made me mad at her but at the same time I don't wanna throw our friendship away)
Also, I honestly don't wanna make out with her she isn't ugly or nothing but the other girl I was just more into it.