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Hey everyone, hope Halloween and Election Day were stellar for all of you! My Halloween was fun, went trick-or-treating (hey, you're never too old for free candy!) and then attempted to go to a bar afterward, but my friend is a dummy, and her ID is expired. As in, she's 22, but needs to renew her ID and they wouldn't let her in D: D: D: So instead, we went back to her place and had a few drinks and watched Teeth. Overall good night.

Here's a couple pictures. I was a LOLcat. My costume is extremely cheap and last minute (I drew on the shirt literally 10 minutes before going out) 

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Sorry if the pictures are too huge or if my lj-cut is messed up, I'm totally failing at the internet today.


Oh haaaaay cuties. Is anyone else having a ridiculously hard time trying to find a job? I need the comfort of not being alone. :/  I went on an interview today for a job I really want, supervising dogs and learning to train them. It went well, but the lady said she still had like 14 more people to interview, so my odds aren't great, especially if there's someone who has experience. I want this job baddd though, I'm hoping I'll finally catch a break.

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