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so yesterday, the coalition against homophobia (on campus club) held a queer prom, so a bunch of us went.

and it was super fun. queer prom itself wasn't like super amazing, but dressing up and photo taking was definitely amazing. I went with my main gay/close friend BAM and we were basically the most glamorous couple there.

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so after that we all came back to BAM's room and three (really gay) guys and I had a sleepover. it was good times.

annnnd now I have a bunch of homework to do.

how are all you cutie pies?
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I haven't posted in a while so I figured I should. let's see. I'm really really loving college (I'm at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA). I tried out for a play called In One Room today (it's a compilation of interviews about people coming out) and I think it went swimmingly. I'll find out tonight whether or not I made it. it's a really small cast -- only five people, and only two girl roles. so far I think I'm the only girl that auditioned? hopefully another girl auditioned after me.

in other news, there's a boy that I really really dig but I feel like I'm SO not his type. he's really awesome though. and I'm super lonely and sort of desperate, sadness. plus I tend to build people up a lot and consequently set myself up for a big fall. it kind of sucks, also, because I'm pretty gutless and always hesitant to ask people out or anything. agh.


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how are all you beautiful people?