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i'm in the middle of applying to university, and i'm terrified ahah
i don't understand why i'm thinking this'll be a good idea because i'm scared shitless of childbirth and having my face up close and personal with ladybits isn't exactly my idea of a good time [i'm a rubbish bisexual, i know], but i'm applying to do midwifery. christ.

so basically, i'm procrastinating like it's going out of fashion.

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stamped // lolol

i was looking through some old photos and found this
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that was taken when i was sixteen, and my dad had left me in the house on my own for the weekend for the first time ever, so i threw a party which ended with people locking themselves in the cellar, crying in trees, accusing each other of rape and stealing £60 [about $120] worth of weed from my dad's room.
sometimes, my friends are complete shitheads.

but hey, everything's good when you're a pumpkin.

stamped // doomsday

is anyone else finding this black hole thing that's supposedly happening tomorrow absolutely hilarious??

my dad was talking about it today like "HOLY SHIT, tomorrow's motorcycle news could be the last one i ever buy D':" hahahah
nice priorities Dado!