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be still my heart

stamped // theme + advice

firstly, when i posted those pictures after getting my makeup done the other night, i was doing so really quick so that i could get out the door... i didn't see the new theme, and they're pretty much the best face pictures i've ever taken. haha.

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now, mr. pierce. piercepiercepierce. before i go on, i am not ragging on smoking pot because i know many-an-oddly_cutie-member heart the ganga. :) [including myself who smoked for the first time last night after like... 3 months.] anyway, i don't know what to make of this kid, as i recently found out he's a pot head. now, by my definition, a pot head, no matter how often you smoke, is really just someone who sits on their ass and only ever smokes. so, i wouldn't peg him as that, but that's what others called him.

well, he texted me last night.

12:45 am (him): hey girl, what up?
12:46 am (me): just leaving theresa's birthday bash. what's up?
1:15 am (him): hangin out with chris at jesse's place. how was theresa's?
1:18 am (me): dance dance. i'm sober so... just okay. haha
1:59 am (me): how was your night?
12:01 pm TODAY (him): well than we should do it again sometime. :)
^THAN vs. THEN... i'm all about the grammar. ew. ftl.
12:05 pm (me): sorry, what?

so basically the fact that he can't carry a conversation... AT ALL... can i really blame excessive pot smoking? and should i just write him off?

Tamped Theme Post::Best Headshot

First off, sorry I have been less than active but I just got a new job and training is a bitch. What isnt a bitch, however, is quiting my corporate soul sucking job and taking a position with a non profit doing advocacy for homeless youth. Hooray for sticking it to the proverbial man!

Second off, I couldnt choose, so here are my three favorite headshots from my ElleGIRL days.

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