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Everybody is oddly cute... in their own way

Welcome to _OddlyCutie_
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All Members
We're odd. ♦ We're cute. ♦ We're original.

Voting will be based on your written answers and your pictures. By posting your application you accept the possibility of getting negative feedback.
This is a rating community; if you can't handle negative comments or criticism, please don't apply.
Do you have what it takes to be accepted into _oddlycutie_?
-You must be at least 16 to apply.
-You have 48 hours to submit an application after your request to join is approved.
-Inactive journals will be denied until you provide proof you're active somewhere else on LJ.
-Both females and males can join.
-Use an LJ-cut for everything.
-Tag your entries.
-Don't post anything that violates the LJ Terms of Service (TOS)
-Questions? Links are provided below.

  • No advertising, unless you have permission, or it is behind a cut.
  • Don't start unnecessary drama. No taking things back to another member or applicant's journal! Ever!
  • Vote fairly and do not try to influence someone else's vote on an application.
  • Vote honestly, but be respectful and absolutely no name calling!
  • Promotion is nice, but please no spamming and keep it within the LJ TOS.
  • No point system. We don't like them.
  • If you're inactive for a month after you've been accepted, you will be kicked out. You can always reapply, but the rule stays the same.

Be odd ♦ Be cute ♦ Be you


-Until you are accepted and stamped, you may only reply to comments on your own application and you may not vote on activities or otherwise participate in the community. (Even if you are auto-accepted!)
-Starting drama will get you auto-rejected.
-Remove the text underneath the "Application" and "Picture" headers when you apply to show you read the rules.
-Tag your application entry with 'application'.
-GET ACCEPTED: You may vote on other members that join the community and post as well.
-GET REJECTED: Try again in a week with different pictures and different survey answers.
-DELETE YOUR APP: You will be banned. No questions.

Remember we can only judge you using the stuff you write here, and your pictures, so please put some effort into filling this out and check your spelling.

This what you copy and paste onto your journal entry. The html is already done for you.


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