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raise your hand if you think sam (amloveaffair ) is the most awesome, creative, caring cutie alive. *raises hand*
my mom called me last night to let me know that i got something SO CUTE in the mail that she wanted to open it,
so i let her and we both had to agree it was the best valentine's day card EVER <3
thank you so so much, i will never ever get rid of it.

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i was going to post some pictures but i got on and felt kind of crappy because i see the member page has been done. i understand that it isn't fair to tell you all i'm working on it, over and over, and have nothing to show. but i honestly was almost done, and i had been putting a lot of time into resizing people's pictures and shit...... and didn't know at all that the job had been taken... so i'm going to take a short hiatus til i get over my pathetic feelings.

EDIT: OK! i'm done being a drama queen as i have officially made sam feel like shit, unintentionally. the member page looks great and my only problem is with myself for not finishing it. i will make something else for the community, something of a bit less importance so that i can take my time on it :) sorry for being so silleh. i love you sam, thank you for making the member page look so damn classy.


hiiii guys! i have been away from my computer a lot lately and i can't wait to go through and see what i've been missing. until then, though -- here are some pictures from this past weekend, when i finally hung out with my new friends jasmine and emily =D <3


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i had more i wanted to post, but my ride is here. i LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!


it's not my place but i wanted to remind everyone about the member purge! i'm really excited because once that happens i can finally fix up the member page. i'm willing to use new pictures for ANYONE who wants them, and i will re-size them for you if you want, too. in fact, if you know of a picture you'd like to use please post it as a response to this post along with your first name and one favorite color. that saves me a lot of time going to accepted applications and finding the desired pictures. thanks so much!

stamped//help? :)

so, i'm asking for a new camera for christmas. and i'm asking my grandma, so i know i'm going to be getting one
i don't know anything about cameras. i know i want a digital one on which the settings are pretty basic. basic, but i want beach and night and twilight settings and the like. i have found a few that i like but i wonder what you'd recommend for someone who doesn't want anything intense or professional, just good quality?

here's the one i like the best, so far: http://www.digitalcamera-hq.com/digital-cameras/fuji-finepix-z20fd_reviews.html#shareSection