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sorry for the 3985724582 postings....but i have some badddd news.

when i applied back in like...december...under the "your worst time" section i wrote about having a series of very serious MRSA staph infections. i'm not sure how many people are still here that read that at some point..but i know there are a few that may remember that...

well....i got another one. and i think it's going to be a bad one. it's INSIDE my nose. what the hell!!!! =[ i'm in so much pain it's absolutely ridiculous.

i posted a really long entry in my personal journal about my horrible experiences with MRSA infections. my journal is friends only, but i made this entry public. i didn't want to post it here cause i felt it was unnecessary....but i urge you to read it. it's actually really interesting haha.

i'm picking up my antibiotics tomorrow...hopefully they work...because i really don't want to have surgery again. i'd had 5 surgeries before i even turned 18. that's a little excessive isn't it?



don't be sad...but i'm thinking of dying my hair to one, solid, dark brown. it hasn't been plain brown for like...7 months (except for 2 and a half weeks of winter break when i worked back at home) and i think i'm ready to let it just...chill.

i love how it is now...but i'm gonna have to dye it back for work in about 3 weeks anyway.

should i do it like tomorrow?

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How are all of you doing today?

The weather here in california has been beautiful and it sure has put me in a much better mood...I hope you guys are getting good weather in your parts of the country/other countries!

I love all you guys and I want to get to know you new cuties better, so I want ALL of you to leave a comment and tell me something exciting that's going on in your life!!!

♥ tyler