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The Application:
The Basics
Name: Mandee
Age and birthday (must be at least 16 years old): 21 / January 18, 1988
Gender: Female
Relationship status: In a relationship since June 12, 2008.
Where do you live? Northville, CT
Do you live with someone? My parents.

Getting to know you
Your life:
How many siblings do you have? I have one, a younger brother.
What about pets? No pets.
Education level/major? I am attending Western Connecticut State University, and I am majoring in photography.
Do you have any nicknames? This past summer at camp some of my campers called me Miss Mandee.
What are the five things you can’t live without and why? (1) My camera, I'm a photographer. It's how I express myself, sometimes I feel really lonely when I don't have my camera. (2) My Hard Rock Cafe hoodie. I got it in Madrid when I was there with my school. It's my special thing I got myself that said Madrid on it. It's nice and warm too. (3) My glasses/contacts. Seriously, I have horrible vision. I need to see to be able to take my photographs, and to just walk around my house without knocking things over. (4) My laptop. I do so much work on it. Whether it's simply homework, helping my boss organize an event, or working on my photographs my laptop is so important to me. (5) My iPod. I love music, it's what keeps me going when I don't think I can keep going. I like the ability to be able to take my music with me where ever I go.
Do you drink? Yes. I'm not a party type person, but I do enjoy the occasional glass of wine.
…smoke? No.
Have any piercings? (show some pics!) Yes, just my ears. I think you will be able to see them in my photos that I will post below.
Have tattoos? (show some pics!) No.
Best memory so far? The doublethink, a local band, show I went to last April. One of the members, Tyler, was bowing out of the band, and it was his birthday too. It was such a wonderful, high energy, positive feeling show. Even though by the end everyone was crying, at the same time we were all hugging each other, and sharing great memories shared with Tyler. Plus, on a personal note, I took some really awesome photos that night.
What are your aspirations or dreams? What do you want to do with your life? I'm not one for planning ahead too much, because you never know what can happen in your life. Having said that, my current aspirations are to shoot as many bands at live shows, and promo shots as I can. I will be applying for an internship at Spin magazine within the next year. I also want to work as hard as I can so I can graduate on time, which for me would be next spring.
Show us something creative that you have made/done:


I also enjoy crocheting. (Please excuse the poor quality photos)

Hat I made for a friend. I'm currently trying to make a friend a Shrek hat.

Top Three: Favorites
Foods:Ramen noodles, home made macaroni and cheese, and strawberries.
Books: Girl, Interrupted, 1984, and The World According to Mr. Rogers.
TV shows: America's Next Top Model, Dr. Phil, and The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
Bands/artists: Bands: doublethink, The Beatles, and The Smiths/Morrissey. Artists: Annie Liebowitz, Danny Clinch, and Martin Schoeller.
Actress/actor: Johnny Deep, Shailene Woodley, and Jake Gyllenhaal.
Stores: Goodwill, Hot Topic, and Target.
Sports/hobbies/activities: Crocheting, booking shows, and having tea with friends.

Top Three: Dislikes
Foods: Fish, pork, and any candy with peanut butter or nuts.
Tv shows: I don't really watch anything else except the shows that I listed above.
Bands/artists: Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco. To me they sound very similar, so I can't really tell the difference. In both cases I find their singer's voice to be annoying.
Actress/actor: I don't follow many actors or actresses to say that I dislike.
Stores: Abercrombie & Fitch and Holister. I don't get them. Their stores are so loud and poorly lit. I feel like I'm in a dance club, not a store.

Answer some, answer all
What’s the story behind your username? Well "Potter" is in fact my last name. A friend of mine who is a huge Harry Potter fan suggested the name, and I liked it.

If the zombie apocalypse was upon us, what would you do to prepare? Get my friend Johnny, who is a ninja. I'm a pirate, and pirates and ninjas together can fight off zombies!

If you could have any job for a day, what would you want to be? I would love to be a talk show host for a day. It just seems like so much fun. I would love to give it a try.

Where is your favorite vacation destination? Why? My family doesn't go on vacations very often. If I could go on vacation anywhere I would love to go to India. I have read so much about the history of the country, and seen many photographs. It seems like it would be an interesting place to go. To learn about the way people there live their lives from actually observing it.

How would you describe your culture? How has it affected your life? My family is mostly English. My father was born in England, so there are a few things that my family does that are kind of English traditions. We have tea time, which I love. On Christmas we have Christmas crackers, and a traditional English dinner of roast beef with yorkshire puddings. Mmm! My grandparents still have their accents, and my friends love meeting them cause they notice it. I totally rock the "English rain" tan. Haha.

What makes you unique, in your opinion? The fact that I can't tan. Since pretty much every girl I see is really tan, or that weird orange colour. At least where I live I see a lot of girls that over tan. Then I'm hanging out nearly as white as a piece of paper.

Tell us about a significant event in your life and what makes it so important. My seventh birthday party, when my uncle gave me my first camera. It was a green 35mm point and shoot camera. I don't have it anymore, but it began my fascination with photography.

Give your opinion on a current event that is important to you. An important issue to me, is gay marriage. It was just legalized in CT. I honestly don't understand why so many people are afraid to let homosexual couples get the same piece of paper that a heterosexual couples can get. All they want is to be treated equally. With dignity, and respect. There's nothing wrong with that in my mind.

</small>About the community
Why do you want to join _oddlycutie_? I've wanted to join a themed / rating community for a while. I just couldn't find one that I liked. A lot seemed to be based more on interests in celebrities rather than personal interests.
Cutest Member: So far from just poking around a bit I find nefariousvirus, tuva, and sojustsing to be very cute.
Suggest a picture theme for the community that you would want to participate in: Your best goodwill find and/or your oddest goodwill find.
What do you think can be done to improve the community? I know that I can really only account for myself. If I were to be accepted I would be as active as I could be. Whether it be by posting entries, or commenting on other's entries I would do everything I could to be an active and positive member of this community.


My boyfriend and I.

+ a 200x200 pic you want to use as a member pic

I would like this to be my member photo. For some reason photoshop isn't working tonight.
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