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I was standing in one of the checkout lines at the grocery store last night. A mother and her young daughter, who must have been all of two years old, were in the aisle immediately to the left; the mother was dutifully scanning her groceries, and her daughter was sitting in the shopping cart. This little girl looked up and saw me, and she smiled. I smiled back. She waved at me. I waved back. Then she giggled, and it was one of those full-fledged giggles wherein she held her hands up to her mouth.

In addition to being absolutely adorable, I felt that this warranted mention because of how unusual it is. It is far more customary for children of this age bracket to look up at me with a confused, alarmed, or flat-out terrified expression that screams, "HOLY MOTHER OF GOD HE'S LIKE EIGHT FEET TALL AND HE'S GOING TO COME FOR ME IN MY SLEEP." This felt pretty sweet. I love kids.

Disclaimer: I'm only 6'4" (though a doctor claimed 6'4 1/2"). I was just speaking figuratively. :-D

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