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stamped/dress up

i got bored so i played dress up... maybe the theme should be dress up. it's fun. or, it could be "what the fuck are you wearing". that was the theme of a party i went to once. mmhmm, anyways.


tutus are thee shit.
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  • stamped

    i went to a fancy dress party as god last night. >:] [i was really andy mccoy, but no-one knew who he was] ¬_¬

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    today i got tattooed, and almost flashed mat devine [the singer of kill hannah]. so like, you can almost see it... it's just an outline for now,…

  • stamped

    i'm in the middle of applying to university, and i'm terrified ahah i don't understand why i'm thinking this'll be a good idea because i'm scared…

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