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The Application:
The Basics
Name: kristie
Age and birthday (must be at least 15 years old): january 18, 1988 (20 years old)
Gender: female
Relationship status: it's complicated... (think carrie + big)
Where do you live? victoria, canada
Do you live with someone? just my kitten

Getting to know you
Your life:
How many siblings do you have? i have 5 half-brother and 1 half-sister. so all told, 3 siblings.
What about pets? aforementioned kitten, jack white jr. (or just "jack" for short) :

Education level/major? i graduated high school, planning on going to culinary school in the future
Do you have any nicknames? skeet, 'cause of the way i move around at work
What are the five things you can’t live without and why? aside from the 3 basic human needs...
-my ipod, it's on most of the time at work, and i use it everyday. turns me into a zombie when i'm walking around town, though (and i dislike zombies)
-my wasabi chef's knife
-jack white (senior and junior)... he provides guitar inspiration (and cuddles =) )
-my guitar + bass... they keep me occupied and are an outlet for creativity
-honestly, i would be a wreck most of the time without diet rock stars
Do you drink? yes, i love wine. i like beer and scotch as well, but wine is my thing
…smoke? ganja and cigars on special occasions (other than that no)
Have any piercings? (show some pics!) i used to have plenty when i went through my "rebellious" teens, including stretched earlobes. but just ears (shrunk down to normal size), tongue and upstairs privates now, though

(monroe, lip and surface-to-surface)

a whole bunch of junk
Have tattoos? (show some pics!) two, although more are in the works :

("all you need is love")
Best memory so far? when my sister had her first baby. i was in the delivery room, it was a big moment. she had a little girl that is my super-tight homie. i love this little monkey more than anything:

What are your aspirations or dreams? What do you want to do with your life? for the next few years i plan on travelling alone to a few places i want to see, i think it's very education to travel alone. then like i said before, i want to go to culinary school and get my chef's papers, then who knows.
Show us something creative that you have made/done: i designed my bedroom like this when i lived with my parents still:

and i've always thought this picture was cool, even though the boy turned out to definitely not be :

Top Three: Favorites
Foods: tuna sushi, fish + chips, and mussels
Books: harry potterses, fight club, fear and loathing
TV shows: how i met your mother, the sarah silverman program, buffy the vampire slayer
Bands/artists: i love the black keys right now. i just saw nine inch nails in concert, and you know how seeing a band in concert renews your love for them? david bowie is a mainstay
Actress/actor: johnny depp, edward norton, and uma thurman
Stores: i mostly shop at locally owned consignment stores. i like value village too
Sports/hobbies/activities: golfing, fishing, kickin it old school

Top Three: Dislikes
Foods: honestly, i love all food. i'm a cook, what can i say?
Tv shows: the hills, the real world, and everybody loves raymond
Bands/artists: metallica, the tragically hip, aerosmith
Actress/actor: keanu reeves, ben affleck when he isn't in a kevin smith movie, tom cruise (minus interview with the vampire)
Stores: i find abercrombie eerie (it has a weird smell and it's dark and loud like a nightclub), wal-mart, and costco

Answer some, answer all
Remove what you don't answer. Minimum of 5.

What’s the story behind your username? well, i was re-signing up for livejournal when the song clavicle by the alkaline trio came on. and i thought it was cute

If the zombie apocalypse was upon us, what would you do to prepare? well luckily i wrote an essay on how to properly kill zombies in high school so i've done my research. a common misconception is that you should set a zombie on fire, which is untrue, because the only thing worse than a zombie chasing you is a zombie chasing you on fire. never, ever seperate from the people you're with (not even for bathroom breaks) because they'll probably come back a zombie and eat your brains. i would keep a chainsaw handy, and matches, because after you cut off their heads you need to burn their bodies to make sure they are dead. man i hate zombies... i wish i was chosen to fight evil

What kind of mischief did you get into as a kid? when i was younger, i used to take my sister's, umm, (clean) feminine products and take the paper off and stick the sticky part to my dad's back

If you could have any job for a day, what would you want to be? i would love to be the person who works the lights at big concerts because i could watch concerts for free (but i would only allow myself for hire to awesome bands, of course)

If you were to have one song playing in your head for the rest of your life, what song would it be? probably don't stop believing by journey, or the entire pretty hate machine album by NIN

List the top 3 websites you must visit every day or two and tell us why: lolcats ( and because they're hilarious, and facebook because the voyeur in me can't stop clicking

Tell us about one or more of your secret fantasies and/or ambitions: i think it would be awesome for me, after chef school, to travel the world, cook in different countries and learn about all the food in different regions of the world. kinda far fetched, maybe, but it would be awesome nonetheless

Give your opinion on a current event that is important to you. stephen harper. he is a supporter of george bush and supports the iraq war, and wishes to increase spending on the military (higher in priority than health care & social programs). his goals are out of sync with canadians, and kept invisible to the public

About the community
Why do you want to join _oddlycutie_? i just rejoined livejournal after a few years of not having one and i haven't applied to one of these since then. it's cool being a part of something and peeking into people's lives through blogs
Cutest Member: gettogethers
Suggest a picture theme for the community that you would want to participate in: hmm, maybe a cultural thing, where you could have a snapshot of yourself and something symbolic of the region you're from
What do you think can be done to improve the community? maybe more promotion. more promotion = more applications = more interesting



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