A Yellow Ford Anglia with Flames up the Sides (theo_winterwood) wrote in _odd_slash,
A Yellow Ford Anglia with Flames up the Sides

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I think Rick/Vyvyan counts as odd slash, don't you?

(I link to it mostly because it exists, not because it is awesome good or anything. And you'll thank me for not linking to any NC-17 Young Ones slash, which exists, but I haven't actually read. This one is PG and very soppy.)

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    I think this is Brian Molko (lead singer of Placebo) kissing Ville what's-his-last-name (lead singer of HIM). And I still love this picture of…

  • Odd indeed.

    Quite odd slash.

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    Oh, did I tell you about the dream I had where Jim Morrison and Tom Petty weere snogging in my basement? No? Well, I guess I just did. Peace. Out.

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