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01. Include 2-3 teaser icons in your posts with the rest either under a cut or linked to a post in another journal

02. Please don't link to another journal or community that is friends only. I suggest keeping the actual post public for 3 days and then making it friends only. Otherwise everyone has to friend/join your journal or community in order to see your icons.

03. Use a lj-cut:
- When posting 4 or more icons
- When posting spoiler-y icons. Icons are considered spoilery within one week of the aired episode. Please use a lj-cut hinting that spoiler-y icons are under the cut or at the site you are linking to.

04. Don't steal/hotlink icons. Be considerate of the maker by commenting, crediting them, and preserving their bandwidth.

05. You may post headers, banners, or other graphics as long as your post also contains icons

06. You may promote another community as long as it is related to the O.C.

07. Be courteous towards the other icon makers- bashing isn't tolerated

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