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Oceans Away

From the Wakeful Day

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is a community for all Nightwish fans.

Community Rules:
1. Please keep entries on topic as possible.

2. This is not an add me community. If you wish to post an intro please do,
but don't post simply asking for friends.

3. Community promos should be somehow Nightwish related and only posted once.
All others will be deleted. Ask the owner, and they can be added to the user info below.

4. Always remember, there are 5 people in Nightwish. Tarja isn't one of them anymore. Get over it.

5. Please put long entries and large images behind an lj-cut.
If you don't know what an lj-cut is, please review the FAQ.

6. Also put concert reviews and setlists behind an lj-cut. Some people don't like getting spoiled.

7. No flaming. No band bashing. And most importantly, no feeding the trolls.

8. No posting because you have a new icon to show off. Doesn't matter if it's a Nightwish icon. Tell that to your friends and not a community filled with people you barely know. Posting icons for others to use is fine if you're the creator.

9. Please don't share or ask for any commercially available material in this community. If you love Nightwish, support them by purchasing their stuff.

Other communities of interest: oceanborn, tuomas_daily, _the_siren (Tarja community), metal_icons, nightwish_icons, finnish_music, lacunacoil, enter_within (Within Temptation), analog_park (The Gathering), and century_media

Would you like your related community listed here? Please contact misconstructed