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Are you obsessed with the romance of Harry Potter, even though it's a minor sub-plot of the series? Do you shiver in excitement whenever you hear the word 'shipping'? Do you consider yourself an avid shipper? Do you read the parts of the books that support your ship over and over again just for the heck of it? Do you try to convert everyone you see to your ship? Even if they DON'T read Harry Potter? Do you walk up to random people and say 'I'm a shipper. Do you know what that is?' Then you, my friend, have come to the right place. This community is a place where people who are shippers in the Great and AWesome Harry Potter Fandom. Shippers of all preferences are allowed, though keep in mind that this community is wildly biased.

JUST SO YOU KNOW: You can't run entirely out of check here. There are some rules.

1. BE NICE! If you haven't anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

2. Please be tolerant of other people's shipping preferences. I know it can be hard, especially between R/Hr and H/Hr shippers. I, too, have taken my part in the shipping war. But this community is a celebration of shipping in Harry Potter and will not be a battle field.

3. Keep the profanity in the hall. Let's keep it PG, please!

4. If you are planning on posting a very long entry, we love LJ Cuts. If you don't know how to use one, please redirect yourself to this link

5. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES may ANYONE insult J.K. Rowling in any way. This is absolutely inexcusable, and if you violate this rule I will have to go militant on you.

Alriiiiiiiight... now talk away! About your ship, what you do to ship it, how obsessed you are, and various other shipping related awesomeness. You name it. Go.

If you are currently unaware of what shipping is:

Shipping: short for "relationshipping" it is the support of two characters as a couple in a fictional work. For example: If you wanted Legolas and Arwen to get together (I'm not saying that I do) then you would be a Legolas/Arwen shipper!


Ron/Hermione is love.

credited to imagineforever

Harry/Ginny is canon love.
Colourbar made by visionaryicons

well... that'll give you an idea of my shipping preferences... right?

And for everyone else:

Cedric/Cho is a spiritual love.

Colourbar made by visionaryicons

If you want to see your ship's colorbar on here... find one! I even went on an H/Hr art community for you guys!

P.S. THere's a list of ships in my "Interests" and if you can think of some I forgot please leave a post. Thanks!