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Welcome to Nursing Mommies! This is a mainly Breastfeeding Community, but if you are a formula feeder, you're welcome too. But we heavily support breastfeeding and its benefits, so I apologize if there really isn't much for formula feeders to identify with where it comes to feeding preferences.

This community is for those who are pregnant and wish to breastfeed, are currently breastfeeding, or even for those who breastfed once upon a time.

Also, though this is mostly geared towards breastfeeding, I know that there are lots of other aspects to parenting than that, so if you'd like to ask for advice on anything, you are MORE than welcome to.

I created this community because, though there are other good communities with good members and good information, I was apalled at the lack of moderation and the rampant disrespect that was allowed to happen. And being that I can't help myself but jump into the fray when I see people being unfairly judged and treated so disrespectfully for no reason at all, well, things can get a bit hairy.

So, Rule # 1.: Respect IS the key here. I know it's said in most other communities, but disrespect and drama will NOT be tolerated. And I mean it. If you want drama, then go to prego_drama and the like. Hell, there's even a mommy fight club community here on LJ if you're just itchin' to get into it with somebody.

But if you join this community, then you better quickly realize that not everyone is going to have the same opinion as you do, and that's just life. In sharing of your opinions and spare change, it WILL be done in a courteous manner.

Rule #2.: There is a 3-Strike system here. To show you that I'm NOT playing around when I talk about respecting others here. You have 3 chances, basically. I see you dissing someone, being nasty to someone, then you will be warned, and that will be your first strike. 'Cause hey, everyone has a bad day where something just grinds their nerves wrong.

You do it again, you will be warned a second time.

If you have to be told a third time, then you will be banned from the community.

If you feel that you were banned unfairly, then you can either e-mail me about it at the above email address (Solitary_Faye_Witch@yahoo.com) and make an appeal.

If you are allowed back in, you will have another 3 strikes to you. If you use those up as well, you will be banned, this time permanently.

Rule #3.: Though this community is geared mostly toward breastfeeding, I know that there are lots of other aspects of parenting than just that. And, in my mind, the point of any community should be that a communinity should be a place where people can bond, be there for each other, and support one another.

So, if you have a post that isn't about breastfeeding, I'm not going to scream. All I ask is that it be about parenting in some form or fashion.

Rule #4.: I'm not overly picky about LJ Cuts, but I do ask that if you're going to post an entry that's longer than 2 paragraphs, has things that you think would be TMI, or you've got pictures to share, please put it under an LJ Cut. I don't mind you posting one picture (so long as it's not the size of Texas) outside of an LJ Cut, but if you can't figure out how to resize, then please put it under an LJ cut.

To post things under an LJ cut, simply put

<*lj-cut>Your entry here<*/lj-cut>

Remove the asterisks.

If you'd like to add text to your LJ cut link, then put

<*lj-cut text"Your Text Here">Your entry here<*/lj-cut>

Again, remove the asterisks.

If you haven't yet, I suggest downloading an LJ client, like Semagic, though this is by no means required. It just makes things like this a LOT easier. If you'd like to see about downloading a client, go here

Rule #5.: I haven't the slightest problem with promoting other communities on here, just so long as they have something to do with parenting or pregnancy or other similar topics. If you've got a community that's about your favorite actor, then this isn't the place to promote it, so don't ask.

Pardon my dust, as this comm is still VERY new. I'll soon be adding things like good websites to see, good books and authors to read, and even other good comms to check out.

Bear with, ok? ^_^