From today's New York Times:

Chasing Utopia, Family Imagines No Possessions

AUSTIN, Tex. — Like many other young couples, Aimee and Jeff Harris spent the first years of their marriage eagerly accumulating stuff: cars, furniture, clothes, appliances and, after a son and a daughter came along, toys, toys, toys.

Now they are trying to get rid of it all, down to their fancy wedding bands. Chasing a utopian vision of a self-sustaining life on the land as partisans of a movement some call voluntary simplicity, they are donating virtually all their possessions to charity and hitting the road at the end of May.
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*knock, knock*

I came across this community while googling for "having enough", so hello!

I am working on decluttering both my house and my life, and purging the 'stuff' that used to seem so important (it must have been important for me to buy it, don't you think?) and trying to work on my thoughts about having enough--of everything. This looks like an interesting community--if anyone is still around. :)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Hi! I'm Elle, I'm new, and I have a holiday-inspired question for you all (probably that you've all been asked before).

I come from a long line of packrats and have made it one of my goals in life to break that chain. However, my family, especially during the holidays, just can't seem to grasp that I don't want in on their cluttered way of life. When my mom came to visit me for Thanksgiving, she brought with her a car full (packed to the point where the doors would barely close) of things that I did not want or need.

I've tried to explain the reasons why I don't want all of this stuff (environmentally very unfriendly, bought from stores or companies with sketchy policies, draining her bank account, a pain for me to move from apartment to know the deal) but she just ends up getting offended and calling me unappreciative. These reasons all make perfect sense to me but I guess they're just a little too radical for the relatives. I'm stuck on how to better explain my lifestyle choices without sounding judgmental of theirs or seeming horribly  unappreciative of their generosity.

And so I am wondering, how have you explained your nuffism to family? Do they understand your choice, or do they think that you've gone off the deep end?
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A question on relationships

First of all, hi. My name is Charlotte, and I would say I am a nuffest. I grew up without much and realized I liked it more then my friends lives who had it all.

And, I have a delimma that I would like to talk about with some similar-minded people.

Im in a relationship with someone very different then me. He pretty much needs to have high speed internet, cable tv and be able to eat out whenever. I just dont care about those things all that much. He tends to me more judgemental, where I think Im more "benefit of the doubt" type of person. His was is usually the only right way, where my way is right for me (most of the time anyway). Im pregnant and about to pop any day now.

Im beginning to think our different view of the world is going to be the end of our relationship. Without commenting on my taste in men and other insulting comments (Im sensitive, people, Im pregnant), does anyone have any comments/experiences?
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When nuff goes snuff

Okay folks - do you live close to the edge?  Here's an example.  We chose jobs that allowed us to enjoy our hobbies and family.  So we don't make that much.

We chose no credit because we didn't like that trap

And then when the thing you need - your transportation goes "poof" - what then?  Cry?  Panic?  

Rethink the whole thing?  A bigger paying job, debt for a fancier car? 

An announcement and an invitation...

(This may be cross-posted for any of you on my friends list)

On topic, though a bit tangent to it, I've been working up a 'periodical' sort of thing that I'm calling Irv's Scrapbook, that some of you may be interested in. It's something that's going to serve me in several ways: To begin with, as a 'staging area' for a book I've been trying to complete . . . it's well-begun, but I haven't been able to pull it through a year-long lethargy problem. So I had this brilliant idea for a way to kick-start it, and before I knew it the kick-start took on a life of its own. It will be several things besides, including the vehicle for a kind of 'kick in the pants' that I think this country needs. No, not really political, but calculated to deal with how the political scene has been beating us down. Hard to explain, without getting a bit of running room for it, and it's actually quite a bit deeper than that.

So what I'm going to do, here, is LJ-cut one of the key articles in the first issue, that is going out this weekend. You can take a look at it and see if you feel it might be worth getting from me. It costs nothing, and will arrive by email. Irregularly, as is my style. But I think I may be able to keep up a 4-6 week frequency with it. Maybe!

The only requirement is that I'd need an email address from you. So if you happen to want it you can send me an address at rather than publicly through a comment here. I know how antsy everyone is about that. And if it doesn't quite satisfy you, provision will be right there for unsubscribing yourself.

Okay, here is the articleCollapse )

Useful LJ group

I've just discovered an LJ group that should be a good resource for _Nuffism folks. It deals with suggestions and inquiries about getting along on less in highly specific situations. There are almost 5000 members in the group and it appears to get a lot of traffic, and a lot of response comments.

Go to poor_skills and see for yourself.

Nuffism has made my day!

I am new to Live Journal, and just stumbled acrosss the Nuffism community. First, thanks for being here. Second, keep on keeping on. And third, it is just damned good to see there are intelligent and caring folks that are still fighting the fight. Count me in!
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So, is everyone adrift on their summertime seas?

It's been so long, now, since anything has been posted here, that I thought I'd give it a small shot in the arm. What prompted me is a rather caustic, sardonic article on today's AlterNet that goes, more directly than most, into the media fictions that feed our buying patterns. He is not just talking about advertising . . . in fact, that is a passé level of cooptation for the 21st Century. Heck no, we have full-blown artificial realities in today's world.

But I've noticed, in recent months, a greater willingness among commentators to get down into the nitty-gritty of the kind of warpage that governs our daily lives. In years past, it was always this or that technique, this or that particular corporation that was the big bad wolf of consumerism. As though the rest were accountable, or at least giving us a fair shake for our own insatiable needs. Nothing basically wrong with the sytem . . . Oh, no!

More and more, however, the system's protective cover is being torn away. The fact that we are not only sheep being shorn, but are flatly cultivated as such is being more forthrightly revealed. This is an article in that genre. It's a little unnecessarily belabored, but you don't have to read the whole thing. A taste of it will do you good.