Irv Thomas (oldefool) wrote in _nuffism,
Irv Thomas

Long time no see (no hear, no speak) . . . no evil

Well! That subject line should cover just about anything!

Greetings, old friends. It's been awhile since anything has happened on this community site; and I was suddenly notified that we had a spam entry! Sorry if that hassled anyone, and I got rid of it; so it gives me an unintended opportunity for a few words with all of you.

My God, I've been so preoccupied with various ventures and stuff that very few of you have known anything about . . . not a single entry here in all of 2010, and it's more than about time for me to bring you up to date, at least. For one thing, I did a blazing three weeks in Europe just a few months ago -- all the way from Scotland to Romania and a half-dozen points in between, without the cost of a single night's shelter (unless you want to consider the several all-night bus & train rides). I suspect it qualifies well enuf as a 'nuffist venture...!

But the big story of my past year, in my view, is my full-scale plunge into the process of turning my reality around . . . as chronicled almost monthly in Irv's Scrapbook, and now my newly begun Scrap-Letter. I am truly convinced, now, that reality is actually fluid, and that we adapt to that potential . . . or we take advantage of that potential only to the conscious extent of our willingness to 'buy into it".

Sounds weird, I know, but I've been getting ever deeper into it as I've been able to accept it. Long story (a year and more long!); but I now consider that my entire life has been leading me up to it . . . more or less as an explorer, an 'advance scout.' Or an advanced-age scout would be somewhat better on the mark of it, as I think younger folks are much more competent at it, simply because they're not restrained so much by the confining factor of the 'cultural incrustation' of a lifetime.

Anyway, if you find yourself interested enuf to follow my tracking of it, send an email address and I'll put you on the Scrapbook/Scrapletter mailing list. Otherwise...

Be well, and may you have a good year...

Irv (the oldefool)

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