Irv Thomas (oldefool) wrote in _nuffism,
Irv Thomas

Where's Everybody Gone?

Amidst all of what is going on in this country . . . the steep spiral we've taken toward economic collapse, with all the belt-tightening and insecurity it implies (and that barely touches it), it's hard for me to understand the almost total lack of use of this site. Admittedly, I've not exactly been a model caretaker, but I never wanted to be the active director of what might be happening here. I just wanted to provide the focal space for others.

I'm mainly absorbed, these days, with the monthly email newsletter I've been putting out for two years, now, not only covering these kinds of topics but increasingly focusing on the really severe changes I feel are still ahead of us . . . relative to the onset of the closure of the Mayan calendar in 2011/2012. If any of you are interested, send me an email (

Some of you might also like to know that I established some kind of record, this summer, by topping my earlier record of 60 years (off-and-on) distance hitch-hiking, by taking on the Oregon coastline for a five-day/550-mile hitch-trip . . . the record is now 66 years. I'll be getting out a new edition of my book of hitch-hike tales, Derelict Days... Sixty-six Years on the Roadside Path to Enlightenment, with the latest adventure incorporated.

In addition to posting this note, however, I'm giving you a 6-minute video of an absolutely remarkable German woman whom I'll be writing about in the January issue of my Scrapbook (as it's called). She has discovered how to make a life for herself entirely without need for the job world that is so necessary in other people's lives. She does it by direct barter for everything!. This is all in German, but there are English sub-titles that I'm sure you can keep up with.


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