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Some good info on yard sales . . . and a useful site to connect with

How many of you are onto the site called It's a mixed bag of useful and so-so information with almost daily entries, easy to subscribe to for regular emailings that you can check out or ignore, as you like. I'm mainly referencing it, today, as the source for a good reminder article on the value (in several senses) of doing yard sales, either by yourself or as part of a group venture.

Here is the opening of the article (with about a quarter of it), closing with a link for those of you who wish to proceed further into it . . .

18 Secrets To A Successful Yard Sale

Growing up, my mom was the queen of yard sales. We used to joke that if I didn’t want something included in a yard sale I should lock it away in my closet. Looking back, she was setting a great example in the hopes I wouldn’t grow up to be a pack rat.

Admittedly, I have accumulated my share of our household junk, and I am trying to inspire members of our household to get rid of theirs. Yard sales are also a great way to generate some quick cash to get that emergency fund in place, or to contribute to your debt snowball. Here are a few yard sale tips our family has implemented over the years to have a successful yard sale.


1. Schedule yard sales around the first of the month. Most people who are paid monthly, or bi-monthly, receive a paycheck around the 1st of the month (or the end of the previous month). For this reason, we try to schedule yard sales on the first Saturday of the month.

2. Check the 10-day forecast. Nothing ruins a good yard sale faster than rain. Keep an eye on the 10-day forecast before submitting your advertisements and selecting a date. There are no guarantees, but significant weather patterns (fronts, tropical systems, etc.) are fairly predictable within a couple days.

3. Plan on starting early. Most hard-core yard sale scavengers will start looking around 7:00am (some as early as 6:00am).

4. Consider a pre-sale the Friday night before and invite your friends and coworkers. Assuming you don’t mind friends going through your belongings, ask them to come by the night before to look through things ahead of time. I’ve sold some larger items by doing this, including computer monitors, baby furniture, etc. A side benefit of a pre-sale is the more you sale the night before, the less you have to put out on Saturday morning.

You can find the rest of this article at, and if something else is up top when you get there, just go back to the entry of May 2nd.

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