Irv Thomas (oldefool) wrote in _nuffism,
Irv Thomas

Where'd everyone go???

Good Grief! I leave this site on its own for awhile (well, a lo-o-ong while, I'll admit) and everyone else seems to leave it, too! I can hardly believe that everyone is/are leading quite contented frugal lives, these days.

Since the last post, the entire world seems to have headed south, in one giant C-O-L-L-A-P-S-E. And as I say, I can't believe it hasn't affected folks in ways that would have a lot to do with our Having-Enough philosophy! Of course, maybe everyone is too busy just keeping up with things. That could be.

I, myself, have been putting out a monthly email-based rundown on things, a kind of newsletter which actually makes use of LJ technology, as all of my articles are continued from their start (as an email) onto another LJ site that I have. Makes a damn good combo that allows me to reach up to 250 people a month with an ongoing 'periodical' sort of thing, for something under $10 per month total cost. It's super-great for a communicator. I could charge for it, of course, but I'm basically opposed to the money-grubbing thing. I figure that the Universe takes care of me nicely enough, so I do what I do as a payback.

It's called Irv's Scrapbook and my primary focus with it is on the changes underway, which I tend to see as the validation of an on-coming paradigm shift of major significance. We appear to be following the schedule predicted by the Mayan Calendar, which is coming to closure toward the end of 2011. Right now I see that as far more significant than learning to get along on less, which is sort of why I left this site behind. But actually, it's all part of the same stream.

THE WORLD IS CHANGING, FOLKS. You are lucky or unlucky enough to be right, plop, in the maelstrom center of the action. Enjoy it! Live it up! But do come back here and let us know how you're doing.


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