Charlotte (charlotte_lee) wrote in _nuffism,

A question on relationships

First of all, hi. My name is Charlotte, and I would say I am a nuffest. I grew up without much and realized I liked it more then my friends lives who had it all.

And, I have a delimma that I would like to talk about with some similar-minded people.

Im in a relationship with someone very different then me. He pretty much needs to have high speed internet, cable tv and be able to eat out whenever. I just dont care about those things all that much. He tends to me more judgemental, where I think Im more "benefit of the doubt" type of person. His was is usually the only right way, where my way is right for me (most of the time anyway). Im pregnant and about to pop any day now.

Im beginning to think our different view of the world is going to be the end of our relationship. Without commenting on my taste in men and other insulting comments (Im sensitive, people, Im pregnant), does anyone have any comments/experiences?
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