Irv Thomas (oldefool) wrote in _nuffism,
Irv Thomas

So, is everyone adrift on their summertime seas?

It's been so long, now, since anything has been posted here, that I thought I'd give it a small shot in the arm. What prompted me is a rather caustic, sardonic article on today's AlterNet that goes, more directly than most, into the media fictions that feed our buying patterns. He is not just talking about advertising . . . in fact, that is a passé level of cooptation for the 21st Century. Heck no, we have full-blown artificial realities in today's world.

But I've noticed, in recent months, a greater willingness among commentators to get down into the nitty-gritty of the kind of warpage that governs our daily lives. In years past, it was always this or that technique, this or that particular corporation that was the big bad wolf of consumerism. As though the rest were accountable, or at least giving us a fair shake for our own insatiable needs. Nothing basically wrong with the sytem . . . Oh, no!

More and more, however, the system's protective cover is being torn away. The fact that we are not only sheep being shorn, but are flatly cultivated as such is being more forthrightly revealed. This is an article in that genre. It's a little unnecessarily belabored, but you don't have to read the whole thing. A taste of it will do you good.

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