Chrystal Ann Kaminski (surrealkiller) wrote in _nowheretoturn_,
Chrystal Ann Kaminski

May you come with your own knives..

You'll never take me alive.

With all the voice of what is true, is there nothing I can do..

Where the willows weep and the whirlpools sleep,
you'll find me...

may someone find me and stay, until I can walk again..
stay until I can see forward, until I can see my soul healing
stay until I can hear myself breathing...
stay so I know you're not leaving

May someone, or something...grant me the strength to fight my nightmare, and watch it ride away..without me...

The water is five feet deep, the mirror beneath and around the well walls reflect the sunlight coming in through the top of the tall, tubular structure. He lowers her into the water slowly, lying with eyes closed and comatose she does'nt realize this. She is lowered until competely submerged..sunlight from above bounces light off of her soaked white gown under the crystal clear water, her long black hair floating around her...she sinks to the bottom of the mirrored well. He disappears..
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