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And so it is that now I've learned,
it's possible to laugh with a lump
in your throat and tears can be hidden,
if you really try and the roles
we people play would earn more Academy
Awards than the screen ever knew.

I’m the girl with heartache, the on they call CRAZY! People who never get to know me cause they think I have a disease and I know how it feels to cry myself to sleep! I'm that kid on every playground who's always chosen last! I'm a single teenage girl trying to overcome her past! You don't have to be my friend but is is too much to ask: "Don't sit there and judge me from some high and mighty state. Don'r shrug it off until you've walked a mile in my bare feet Cause there are people that you pass by everyday with harder cards than yours in life to play." I am the girl on the corner; you pass me on the street. I wouldn't be out here crying if I had someone to hold me and Don't think I don't notice that our eyes never meet! I lost 2 of my friends when someone crossed that yellow line! The day we layed them in the ground was the day I lost my mind! I understand many things about the world that others could not possibly imagine. I see things for what they are! One Day I hope I can find a place where I belong!

Should I hesitate as I speak
Please don’t think me preoccupied
For words don’t come easily
When one really cares
And too often I evaluate each word
Trying to be anyone
~ but myself

And the fear of rejection
Brings confusion
The confusion brings silence
And my heart prays
That you might hear my silence
~ and understand

If I were to take stock
Of all my worldly treasures
The memories I have
Of the few hours spent with you
Would be my most cherished possessions

If I stand alone
It does not mean
I am any less a Human
If my arms do not hold another
It does not mean
They are incapable of holding
If my tongue is silent
And never speaks the words of love
It does not mean
That it will be mute
When the time comes
That the words can sincerely be spoken

And just because the World
Has not yet introduced
The one that will share my Life
It certainly does not mean
That I am incapable
Of Loving

Sometimes we have something
Without truly knowing
What we have

Sometimes we hold something
Without knowing completely
What we hold

Sometimes we are given something
Without fully appreciating
What we are given

But that knowledge usually comes
When we realize
What we have lost

You might have loved me
If you had known me
If you had ever known my mind
If you would have walked
Through my Dreams and Memories
Who knows what Treasures
You might have found
Yes, you might have loved me
If you had known me
If you had only
Taken the time!

It hurts
To see you walk away
For admit it or not
You were an important part of my Life
And the time we shared
Will forever be a part of me
So even though I realize
That it was never meant to be
It hurts

So often we reach out
And offer that which we have to give
To someone who has no need
Or does not recognize the value of our gift
Thus our gift goes un-received
Through no fault of our own
And this rejection causes pain

But the real tragedy occurs
When someone comes along
Who has a need for
And recognizes the value
Of what we have to give
But because the memory of rejection
Is still fresh on our mind
We are no longer
Reaching out

If you should try
To understand me
Through the eyes
Of your experiences
Your only understanding
Will be misunderstanding

For we have walked different paths
And have known different fears
And that which brings you laughter
Just might bring me tears

So if you can learn
To accept me
And the strange things
I say and do

Maybe through your acceptance
You will gain understanding

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