Suzanne (suzbsbkurtz) wrote in _nowheretoturn_,

help please!!

(my boyfriend is writing this...)

I'm trying to figure out what kind of chemical imbalance I have. When I was young, I was the short weird kid and got picked on a loooooot. A whole lot. Especially grades 1-6 when I was in a Catholic school and literally had not one friend. I had a mini-breakdown early last year (age 22) and was put on prozac for about 9 months to fight anxiety and depression. I've since gone off it (no insurance, plus side effect) and don't have symptoms as bad. When I was on prozac, I gained perspective and clarity in emotions and reactions. Since I've been off it, I get a bit frantic now and then. I'm moderately hypoglycemic for starters---when I get hungry, I become a very irrational and irritable person and can't control my reactions to something that bothers me. When I'm not hungry, I still have fits of...something...every now and then. Anxiety is always present because I'm stressed out to the limits because of money problems (too much credit card debt, student loans, low-paying job, high rent, car maintenance). Every now and then, if something is said that I really shouldn't take personally or overreact to, it feels like I'm being made fun of and I get a bit frantic. I don't really have too much in the way of actual everything-is-awful, no hope in sight depression symptoms, but it does come around once in a blue moon. I can't afford health insurance (or really, anything) right now but know that at some point in time a trip a psychiatrist is necessary. Everything that was wrong with how I was became startlingly clear as being unnecessary when I was on prozac and I know I don't have to put up with being this way, but I want to know exactly what the cause (diagnosis) is. Thanks.

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