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I guess I forgot to do an intro myself...and since we have three people with the name Charley (in one spelling or another) I figured I would. Which by the way I would like to state that Ive only met one person with the same name, and it was a little girl the other day. I did meet a girl at work who goes by Charley....and heres the weird part, my maiden name is Thomas...and so is her last the other day at work someone walked up to me and asked for Charley Thomas....and I about died trying to figure out how someone knew that name when I hadnt gone by in in over 4 years! Okay enough rambling....

Name: Charley
Age: 21 years old (be 22 in june but it doesnt matter)
Location: I live in Georgia, the united states, lived all over. Ive decided I dont prefer the south anymore
Place of employment: toys r us


I have two children, a little girl who turned 3 on the 18th of January (last week) her name is Bryanna. She goes by Anna. And I have a son, Zackary, we call him Zacky Wacky, who was born on Dec 27th, 2005. I was married for 3 1/2 years to their father but hes a pedafile. So no he doesnt have any contact with them, and in fact he thinks I had a miscarriage with Zach so he doesnt even know he exsists. So I currently live with my mother, until I can figure something out. Oh and Im currently rebattling my anorexia to lose the baby weight. But remembering Im breast feeding is helping with that and God knows I cant forget that. Oh and I am pagan although I had my daughter christianed Catholic and will probably do the same to Zach. Its a family tradition.
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