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New Meds

I had a baby almost a month ago (it will be a month on the 27th) and I have been breastfeeding the baby, but Ive been having problems producing breast milk so my doctor put me on a new medication that is supposed to help with that. Its called Reglan. But unfortunatly its got side effects, and one of those side effects, present in every patient that takes it, according to my doctor, is SEVERE depression. I think its because its a downer but Im not sure.
Its the only one offered in the US. I did have the option of getting one through canada that stops dopamine production (dopamine is part of chemical depression) which after a little more research, reglan does too and then one that stops skitzophrenia.

I was also reading up on production problems and it CAN be caused by high levels of dopamine (which from what I understand is the cause of my mania)

It sucks, I finally get out of the depressive slum after having him and stuff and now Im starting a medication that will make me severly depressed...the good news is, like all downers and anti depresents it will take 2 weeks for that to take effect. But hey at least my son will be getting the best for him.
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